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The John Main Center offers a contemplative sacred space in the heart of the Georgetown University campus. Through regular meditation sessions and special events, offered in a spirit of friendship and openness to all, the John Main Center shares the gift of the contemplative path with the Georgetown Community and beyond.

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All about Meditation Integration

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All about Meditation Integration

2020 Spring Schedule

In This Unprecedented Time


Find grounding in Stillness, Silence, and Simplicity by Zooming in for meditation.

The John Main Center will continue to offer meditation virtually throughout the Spring Semester to help foster within you a sense of peace in the midst of these demanding and difficult times of flux and opportunity:

Zoom Meditation Monday through Friday at 12:30pm

Tuesday Harris Zoom Meditation at 10am

Wednesday MSB Zoom Meditation at 11am

Our silent group meditations are inter-faith and all are welcome.

10:00 AM (EST) Harris Zoom Meditation
11:00 AM (EST) MSB Zoom Meditation
12:30 PM (EST) JMC Zoom Meditation JMC Zoom Meditation JMC Zoom Meditation JMC Zoom  Meditation JMC Zoom Meditation

In addition, Georgetown meditators (students, staff, faculty) are welcome to meditate online with a group convened by Dennis McAuliffe on Thursdays 6:30-7:00 PM.

Please send Dennis an email to express your intention to join and he will provide the details. His email: dennis.mcauliffe@georgetown.edu

As we face the intensity and enormity of this global pandemic together, may you experience the gift of the present moment with a sense of peace, wellness and health.

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Way of Peace Seminar: On Spirituality in the Secular Age with His Holiness the Dali Llama

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“For three years, I resisted going into John Main Center because the idea of meditating and being in silence for more than 2 minutes was the most daunting of concepts. However, my curiosity got antsy and propelled me to try what the media crowned the newest wellness fad– meditation. Over the course of my senior year, I not only was able to discover and deepen my meditation practice but I also became part of such a special community. The center pulls together people from all corners of campus and the world to come together with the common interest of meditation. A simple and profound connection proved to build a foundation for a community so welcoming and loving. So, while it once used to be just that tiny building across from New South, now the John Main Center serves as both an oasis and a home. “Katherine Altman C'19

“The John Main Center has been instrumental for the wholeness of my Georgetown experience. Not only has it become a space of peace and calm but also it has helped me grow spiritually and emotionally. I feel like having the Meditation Center on campus can be a great addition to any student — whatever it is the faith tradition that he or she comes from. Being part of the JMC is an opportunity to each day enhance our lives personally, spiritually, physically, and academically.”Gabriel Donato Gonçalves C'19

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